Sea Discovery

The waters surrounding Phuket offer journeys of discovery in every direction. Explore the craggy coast by kayak, go parasailing and see the island from up high, or take a speedboat to a remote uninhabited island for a leisurely beach lunch and a lazy afternoon. There are so many options – we’d be delighted to pass on our expert insider tips.

Land Discovery

Are you ready for some overland discovery? Explore Phuket’s lush vegetation and immerse yourself in local cultural experiences. Visit one or more of the island’s 30 colorful Buddhist temples, see a glorious 360-degree sunset panorama at Promthep Cape, or grab a bargain and sample delicious local snacks at Old Phuket Town’s Walking Street market. We know all the best places, including some secret beaches for secluded swimming and sunbathing – just ask us whatever you want to know.

Local Specialities

Phuket is a melting pot of Asian cuisines, with myriad dishes to tantalize your tastebuds. If nothing else, you must try mee hoon pa chang, a popular local dish of vermicelli noodles fried in soy sauce, garnished with fried onion flakes and fresh chopped Chinese chives. It is usually served with pork soup and you can find it at street stalls and local eateries all over Phuket. A simple yet hearty dish that feels like a warm hug.

Crafty Island Beers

There are a few famous names when it comes to Thai beers - Singha and Chang are two of the most popular. But for a real home-grown taste of Thailand, we recommend trying some local craft beers. You can sample a selection of craft brews at the hotel. Chok dee kha!

Things to explore around Phuket